Can someone who committed suicide be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

Yes. It is recognized that those who die from the act of suicide deserve understanding and compassion. The deceased may have been suffering from a serious psychological instability, or overwhelming fear and confusion. Therefore, the Church offers funeral and burial rites for those who may have died as a result of suicide. The American edition of the Catholic ritual includes prayers for this specific situation. These prayers evoke forgiveness for the departed and consolation to their family.

Is there any chance my grave will be re-sold after a specified number of years?

No, the purchaser or assigned burial right owner has an exclusive and permanent burial right conveyed by Catholic Cemeteries. This right passes to the spouse first or direct blood heirs immediately after the death of the recorded burial right owner if there’s no spouse. This applies to all graves, crypts, niches and family estates in the cemetery. Written permission of the heirs-at-law may be required for burial. It is advisable to secure any such written permission prior to advanced planning or immediate needs. For more information regarding Burial Rights, please contact a Family Service Advisor at any of our CFCS cemetery locations.

What kind of monument can I purchase?

CFCS offers a wide variety of memorial options to meet the needs of our families. Our experienced family service staff will walk you through the entire design and ordering process, dedicated to helping you tell a lasting story to remember your loved one for generations to come.

What is a Family Estate?

Family estates are custom designed burial plots that allow families to build lasting tributes for generations to come. Family estates range in all different sizes and options from large family mausoleums to beautiful garden burial sites with large monuments representing the family name, to cremation pedestal gardens. To learn more about creating a Family Estate, please speak to any Family Service Advisor at any of our locations.

Should I choose a crypt or a grave?

Personal preference and/or family tradition influence choices in this regard. Above-ground entombment in a crypt building is appealing, especially to those people who aren’t comfortable with traditional below-ground burial. Indoor mausoleum crypts are conducive to visitation in inclement weather.

Should I buy space for the entire family?

It has been our experience that generally, a husband and wife buy space for themselves. Many families decide to purchase adjoining plots to form a family group. Family plots are also available and can accommodate larger headstones. Crypts for full-size caskets and niches for cremated remains may be purchased individually or in family groups.

Why should Catholics be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

It is only natural that those who share the same faith in life will wish to carry on that sense of community in death. When it comes to the issue of death, the sensibilities and needs of Catholics are unique and call for certain practices in the handling and care of the remains of the deceased. Therefore, in the blessed grounds of a Catholic cemetery there are safeguards – mandated by the Church’s Canon Law – which guarantee permanence, reverence and respect for the remains of the deceased.

Who can be buried at a Catholic Cemetery?

Catholic cemeteries have a long tradition of dedicated service to the Catholic Community including non-Catholic spouses, children, parents and other relatives. Other Christians in the community may also be buried in our Catholic Cemeteries.



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